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Why to Help and How You Can Help
By Gian Girardi, BOHI Founder

I'm presently working in four projects that are crucial for BOHI future, including two huge video projects that will take years to complete. Quite honestly in order to bring them to completion
I need help and specifically, financial help. Any contribution to the Institute, big or small, will be deeply appreciated. These are the four proyects I'm talking about:

1- Editing the Satsangs: I have accumulated many satsangs in video that have valuable content, and as I continue presenting and recording new satsangs the number keeps growing. The time has come to edit them into short, friendly, easy to watch videos, like those you will find below at the bottom of this page. These videos will directly help many sincere seekers, without any cost for them, and will also bring committed students to the Institute's courses.

2.- Editing the set of video-classes. This set comprises 189 hours of video! It is a huge project and to this effect, I am paying a video-editor. She is doing a great job, but still, after she does her part, I re-edit the whole class, to make sure it truly reflects the spirit of BOHI teachings. It will take 1 1/2 to 2 years to complete the project. However, at the end all BOHI's video classes will be at a
completely different level and look very professional.

3- Changing BOHI Status to a Non-Profit Organization. Although the intention behind the institute is not for profit, BOHI isn't a non-profit organization yet — mostly due to the significant expenses involved in creating an NP corporation. However, the project is in an advanced state. The paperwork has been completed and, with the right infusion of funds, the filing of the paperwork
shall be accomplished in a short period of time.

4- Finish editing two books that are already written. The editing work that remains ahead is massive and requires a professional editor, as well as my participation to check for content.

If you want to donate funds for any of the above projects, please make your donation following the paypal button below, or contact me directly at 310-455-6815. You are welcome to specify how you want the money to be spent (in which project.) I will deeply appreciate the help. After clicking in the link please scroll down a little. You will find an add-hoc paypal button. Thank you.

All the best — Gian



of a Satsang Subject and Invitation
Presented on September 16, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Monastic traditions have emphasized the value of living a life free of desires. "Desire your worst enemy" some claim. "Desire is the cause of suffering" other group have stated for millennia. "There were translation problems and the Buddha never said such an atrocity" "it is a misinterpretation of the scriptures" some modern
Bhuddist teachers say.

What is the truth? Is desire our worst enemy really? Really? Then, if I'm serious and I truly want enlightenment, tell me, how can I stop having desires? Is it humanly possible to begin with?

There is no doubt that there is some truth about this old renunciation advise, but also there is no doubt also that something
is very wrong, right?

In fact, this is one of the greatest confusions in the spiritual path, and it has created, and continues to create, mountains of unnecessary suffering to millions of modern seekers. Furthermore, unless this confusion is seen through, and with great clarity, it is unlikely that awakening will happen. Our spiritual efforts will be deviated
in the wrong direction.

Come to satsang this coming Wednesday September 16, and see though this spiritual conundrum once and for all.


BOHI Teachings

BOHI Teachings are likely the most comprehensive holistic teachings available today. They are uniquely suitable for the seeker of Truth and happiness, as well as for those with a humanistic vocational inclination -- life coaches, wellness coaches, teachers, counselors and healers. The teachings are presented in an efficient format of three 5-Month Certification Courses. These courses address the three fundamental aspects of life -- physical, mental and spiritual. Each certification can be pursued separately. Completion of all three provides certification as a Holistic Life Coach, and includes the three basic certifications in Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition, Wellness/Life Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality. In order to reduce tuition monthly costs, students can chose to take the courses in either a
10 or a 21-month format.


.......... . ... . . . . . .. ..... .Gian BOHI Founder

Gian's Bio

Gian Girardi, founder of the Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute California was born in 1955 to an Italian/Spanish family in Chile. From early childhood he felt a great interest in science and later for the humanities, especially for spirituality and Awakening. At age 24, he graduated in engineering from the most prestigious University in Chile. After marrying Viviana their spiritual interests brought them to the US where Gian completed a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and obtained a California State License to practice psychotherapy. He has accumulated extensive teaching and clinical experience, gained through twenty one years working as a psychotherapist, nutritional counselor, life coach, spiritual
psychology counselor and teacher.

After a long period of twenty four years practicing different yogas, Gian became interested in the highest form of Yoga -- the yoga of Wisdom. In India it is called Jnana Yoga or Advaita, and the main Advaita teachers have been Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta
Maharaj and others.

In the West, Advaita is known as Non-Duality, and due to its unparalleled effectiveness at triggering the Awakened state, this approach is exploding. Zen also, in many respect is similar
to Non-Duality.

After Gian found the right path for him, Awakening came gradually, through a period of ten years.

Because of Gian's long career as a counselor and teacher, it was all too natural to begin sharing with his students, friends and clients, his passion and insights into the awakened state, and he began
teaching Non-Duality in 2007.

The realization came that no service can be of higher value than helping others to wake-up to their true Self. This has lead Gian to present satsangs to groups in the areas of Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale, West LA and online. He also offers a 3-hour private Awakening session on Skype, phone or in-person called "the Awakening Protocol" — a uniquely effective approach to cut through the illusions in regard to our identity, which are at the root of all our suffering. Through the Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute California Gian also also offers a 5-Month Course in
Psychology of Consciousness, with Certification.

As a teacher, Gian has been deeply interested in developing a language that works at transferring the Awakened State to his students. The transmission of the Awakening state is not done as most think; "by the touch of the teacher in the spiritual eye, or anything similar." The transmission is through a conversation. Therefore, the language has to be extremely concrete,
precise and effective at pointing to the True Self.

Here is a couple of testimonials from the many collected
through the years:

Hi Gian. Extraordinary things have happened since we last spoke that I wanted to share with you. I am finally living from the place you showed me the day of the awakening. I remember how quiet and still I felt as you told me to look at the hanging plant and notice the sounds around it. Everything faded away until the only thing
that was left was pure Consciousness.

I remember you saying that was home. JM .


Gian; really enjoyed our session together the other day and I'm happy to support you and the Institute. I fully believe in what you are doing and feel your well rounded approach and clear teaching style is among the best out there. You are right that we did cover some of what you taught me the other night in the class I took from you, but being there one on one added another dimension to it
that was invaluable to me.

I am so glad I took the time out to do that. It can definitely be said that there is nothing more important that seeing what you are. How can a price be put on that? I will continue with the embodiment
but I am not seeking anything anymore.

Thanks so much, Scott

A follow-up from Scott:


Gian; since our session together last month I have continued the process. Of course, I am usually caught up in the duties and relationships of life but when I am alone I come back to Consciousness as much as possible. Generally this is experienced as Nothingness and/or Spaciousness but tonight there was the experience of Bliss just appearing as a natural aspect
of Consciousness.

For many years I have known of the phrase "Satchitananda"; Being, Consciousness, Bliss. I am certain you are aware of it. I believe I understand this phrase now, that they are one in the same. How wonderful to experience Consciousness as Bliss. Thank you
again for opening the door to this. Scott


Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute™, Founder
Phone: 310-455-6815


BOHI 5-Month Certification Courses
(All applicable to BOHI's final
"Master Certification in Holistic Life Coaching)"


1- Learn to heal, take care and optimize the human
brain using nutrition.

Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition™ -- Flip Learning

2- Learn to use the brain effectively producing
harmonious, positive thoughts and feelings

Wellness-Life Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive Psychology -- Flip Learning

3- Find out "who" is using the brain and what for. Wake-up
to your True Nature. Attain dis-identification from all the
stories created by the brain, including the story of "me."

Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality -- Flip Learning

Note: 10-month program and 21-month
program also available.



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The Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute offers classes, information and courses with certifications on drug free solutions to ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, substance abuse and other forms of brain / mental suffering and disorders. Certifications include Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition, Life/Wellness Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality. The Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute also offers a final "Master Certification in Holistic Life Coaching" for those who complete the three certifications mentioned above.

Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute's broadcasting and recording studio for online classes and coaching sessions is presently located in Glendale, Los Angeles County, California. Students from adjacent cities and locations like Pasadena, Studio City, San Fernando Valley, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, Irvine and Orange County can take the Coaching Sessions in person, on Skype or on the phone. Students living in cities and locations further away in the States or abroad like San Francisco, San Diego, New York, North and South Carolina, Miami, London England, Paris France, Rome and Milan Italy, Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Santiago Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ecuador, Quito, Montreal, Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, New Zealand, Hawaií, Kauai, Maui, Kenya, Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta in India, Hong Kong and Shanghai in China, Taipei in Taiwan, can take the one-on-one coaching sessions on Skype or phone. Note: the above information in this paragraph is partially outdated as we recently moved to Sedona, Arizona.

All classes are presently presented by the
Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute's founder Gian Girardi, MS, MA.