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Student Agreement

How to complete and sign this agreement: Please request the agreement at brainoptimizationXXX@&&&iCloud.com. Please remove the & and X characters. They are there just to prevent the internet email harvesting programs to capture our email address and use it for spam purposes.

Name: I, ________________________________________, (full name) am enrolling in a 10 to 5-Month Course with Certification in the Flip-Learning Format or Video-Format at the Brain Optimization™ Institute.

The Course I Have Chosen Is: (please circle, bold or underline one)

• Certification in Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition -- Flip-Learning Format
• Certification in Life/Wellness Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive
Psychology -- Flip-Learning Format
• Certification in Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in
Non-Duality -- Flip-Learning Format

• Certification in Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition -- Video Format
• Certification in Life/Wellness Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive
Psychology -- Video Format
• Certification in Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in
Non-Duality -- Video Format

Commitment to Do Your Best: You will be trained to offer the highest quality counseling service while doing no harm to your clients. Your commitment and enthusiasm are fundamental to achieving these goals. Therefore, your signature on this agreement states your commitment to doing your best in class participation and completing all weekly assignments. ______ (Initials)

Requirements to Obtain Your Letter or Certificate of Completion:
You will be awarded your Certificate or Letter of Completion after fulfilling all of the following requirements:
1- Watching all of the video-classes
2- Completion of each one of the required homework
3- Participation in all of the one-on-one coaching sessions -- valid only for the Flip-Learning Format.
4- Three to four pages final disertation -- valid only for the Flip-Learning Format.
______ (Initials)

Certificate and Letter of Completion: Your Certificates or Letter of Completion will be sent to you in an electronic PDF format via email, along with instructions on how to print them. You will be responsible for printing them if you want to do so. You can make as many printouts as you want, and use them in your web-site and resumé in the electronic format itself.
______ (Initials)

BOHI's Final "Master Certification in Holistic Life Coaching" can be attained by completing the following:
1st) The Certification Course in Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition
2nd) The Certification Course in Life/Wellness Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive Psychology
3rd) The Certification Course in Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality
4th) A final dissertation of twenty pages in a subject of your choice.
______ (Initials)
Note: The Certificate or Letter of Completion for the Master in Holistic Life Coaching are available in both options respectively: Flip-Learning and Video Formats.

Drop-out policy: If for any reason you need to drop the class in your registered track, you will have 3 years from your enrollment date, to complete your course work without extra cost. In case you are definitely withdrawing from the course, and you have paid in advance, please be informed that no refund of money is available.
______ (Initials)

Tuition First Payment and Monthly Payments -- valid only for the Flip-Learning Format:
The monthly payment option requires that you make your first payment upon enrolling in the course of your choice, by signing this agreement (if you already made it, you can disregard this.) The rest will be paid in consecutive monthly payments at the end of each month until the total price is completed.

We highly recommend that you open a Paypal account, which is free. At paypal you will also be able to pay with any major credit card -- even if you have not opened a paypal account.

By initializing below you state the following: "I do understand that I will be responsibe for making my monthly tuition payments before the end of each month."
______ (Initials)

I also understand that if in a given month -- for any reason -- I did not complete all my classes I can make up the classes the following month, with the understanding that still I must make the full payment for that month. The total cost of the Course for the student remains the same.
__________ (initials)

Coming to Coaching Sessions on Time (valid only for the Flip-Learning Format): I will honor my one-on-one coaching session appointments without exception and I will come to class on time. This means, I will call the teacher on Skype or on the phone at the time my appointment starts. Your teacher will be waiting for your call but making the call is your responsibility. ______ (Initials)

Cancellations: To cancel a coaching session previously scheduled I will notify my teacher at least 48 hours in advance.
______ (Initials)

Due to spamming and filters, e-mailing is not a reliable to schedule or cancel appointments. Thus, if I send an e-mail I will also follow up with an SMS or WhatsApp message asap.
________ (Initials)

Copyright Agreement: The content of BOHI courses and classes are copyrighted. We fully understand our student's feelings of wanting to share with relatives, friends and even strangers what has been helpful for them. However, to protect BOHI's mission we ask you to limit your sharing to your own words, your own writings and to referring your friends to BOHI.

By signing this enrollment form, you promise that you will never violate BOHI copyrights by sharing digital recordings, videos or copyrighted material, and most especially the links pointing to the video classes, with anyone.

"Lack of integrity at keeping this promise can create serious damage to BOHI and I do understand that I'm fully responsible for the consequences of my actions." Please write below your full name accepting this commitment:


Employment placement or client referrals are not promised or implied. After completion -- or even earlier -- of any of the certifications, you are advised here to start seeing clients and to do a practicum, by setting up special appointments for supervision with your BOHI instructor. ______ (Initials)

Supervision: It is advised that you continue this supervised counseling practice until you feel completely confident in your coaching profession. Private supervised sessions are not mandated for your Certification, or included in the cost of the courses. However, they can definitely enhance your skills.
______ (Initials)

BOHI is a completely independent school. We do not participate in accreditation systems of any kind, state licensing systems or state boards. We do not believe in any form of government control of the millenarian profession of education. Our school stands on its own integrity, the quality of its programs and the skill of its teachers. If you are looking for a degree to get a government job, or to bill insurance companies for your services, or get a job in an agency financed through medical, medicare or other government programs, we strongly recommend that you do not sign this enrollment form, and look for a school aligned with the mainstream. BOHI is appropriate for individuals that want to create their own business and or private practice, and/or value the unique information presented in our courses for personal growth or professional reasons.
______ (Initials)

Transferring to Another University: If you are planning to continue your studies in another University, and you expect they will validate what you studied with us, we want to caution you: it is likely that due to the nature of our school and programs, other universities, especially mainstream universities, will not validate your studies at BOHI. You may want to check with them first.
______ (Initials)

Copyrights of the dissertations are shared by both, the student and the Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute. Special research projects performed at the Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute may be an exception to the above sharing policy. In those cases a special contract will be signed by both parties. 
______ (Initials)

By signing this document, I agree to honor its provisions and adhere to the highest integrity as a student and later in my work as a counselor, healer and teacher, writer and entrepreneur in the helping professions.

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