Brief Brain Nutrition Therapy
- A Two Hour Session Program with Gian -

-- Anywhere in the World via Skype, WhatsApp or Phone --


Offered Worldwide by Brain Optimization™
Holistic Institute


-- Healing the Brain with Brain Nutrition --
Gian's Personal Experience

How to Enroll in the
Brief Brain Nutrition Therapy Program?

1st step: Take the Braverman Test. This test was created by Dr. Erik Braverman. It is accurate, free and easy to use. It gives you vital information about your four main brain neurotransmiters: Dopamine, Acetyl-Choline, Serotonin and GABA. You can take the test online using our web-site at no-charge. If you enter your email and name at the beginning of the test, Gian will receive your numbers (results) and he will produce and send
you a report free of charge.

Logistics to Schedule Your
Brief Brain Nutrition Therapy

Gian's regular fee for a one hour Brain Nutrition Counseling session is $125. However, if you commit to these two sessions progtram with the objective in mind of optimizing your neurotransmitters, you will pay only $100 per hour ($200 total.) The first session will be focussed on designing an ad-hoc supplement program for your brain. The 2nd one will be devoted to assess and optimize your diet, from a brain perspective. This brief Brain Nutrition Therapy Program of just two sessions, is cost effective
and it may change your life.

You can schedule your 1st session by following these two additional simple steps:

2nd Step: Send an email to Gian giving him two options from your schedule to meet with you. We are in the Pacific Coast of the US. You can easily find our time difference by typing - US Eastern time - in Google.

3rd Step: Make the payment of your two sessions in paypal. Our Paypal account is Please be extremely careful with the spelling of the email when you make your payment; any tiny mistake creates a problem difficult to solve. Alternatively, for your convenience, you can use the Paypal button below (it is safer in fact.)

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Would you like to become a
Brain Nutrition Counselor as well?

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BOHI Teachings

BOHI Teachings are likely the most comprehensive holistic techings available today. They are uniquely suitable for the seeker of Truth and happiness, as well as for those with a humanisitc vocational inclination -- life coaches, wellness coaches, teachers, counselors and healers. The teachings are presented in an efficient format of three 5-Month Certification Courses. These courses address the three fundamental aspects of life -- physical, mental and spiritual. Each certification can be pursued separately. Completion of all three provides certification as a Holistic Life Coach, and includes the three basic certifications in Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition, Wellness/Life Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality. In order to reduce tuition monthly costs, students can chose to take the courses in either a
10 or a 21-month format..

Looking for a new and more fulfilling career in life?
We can help.

5-Month Certification Courses
(All applicable to BOHI's final
"Master Certification in Holistic Life Coaching)"

Note: 10-month program and 21-month
program also available.


1- Learn to heal, take care and optimize the human
brain using nutrition.

Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition™ -- Flip Learning

2- Learn to use the brain effectively producing
harmonious, positive thoughts and feelings

Wellness/Life Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive Psychology -- Flip Learning

3- Find out "who" is using the brain and what for. Wake-up
to your True Nature. Attain dis-identification from all the
stories created by the brain, including the story of "me."

Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality -- Flip Learning



The Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute offers classes, information and courses with certifications on drug free solutions to ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, substance abuse and other forms of brain / mental suffering and disorders. Certifications include Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition, Life/Wellness Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality. The Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute also offers a final "Master Certification in Holistic Life Coaching" for those who complete the three certifications mentioned above.

Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute's broadcasting and recording studio for online classes and coaching sessions is presently located in Glendale, Los Angeles County, California. Students from adjacent cities and locations like Pasadena, Studio City, San Fernando Valley, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, Irvine and Orange County can take the Coaching Sessions in person, on Skype or on the phone. Students living in cities and locations further away in the States or abroad like San Francisco, San Diego, New York, North and South Carolina, Miami, London England, Paris France, Rome and Milan Italy, Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Santiago Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ecuador, Quito, Montreal, Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, New Zealand, Hawaií, Kauai, Maui, Kenya, Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta in India, Hong Kong and Shanghai in China, Taipei in Taiwan, can take the one-on-one coaching sessions on Skype or phone. Note: the above information in this paragraph is partially outdated as we recently moved to Sedona, Arizona.

All classes are presently presented by the
Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute's founder Gian Girardi, MS, MA.