BOHI Advaita Telegram Communities

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Purpose: The purpose of BOHI Advaita Telegram Communities is to give, as many people as possible, free and direct access to Gian teachings on Non-Duality, Awakening, and Embodiment of the Awakening; and to provide a platform where BOHI students and friends can freely interact and learn from each other.


Services Offered:
- There are two valuable programs you can enjoy from the beginning once you sign up:

1- Participation in Telegram's BOHI Advaita Telegram Community
(details below)

2- Participation in the BOHI Advaita Virtual Community Satsangs.


1- Telegram's BOHI Telegram Advaita Community:

Your consistent participation will allow you the following
benefits at no cost to you:

1- To receive Advaita pointers directly from Gian, as well as thoughts pertaining Awakening and the Embodiment process.

2- To share your insights, thoughts and experiences with other seekers of the Truth, and receive feedback.

3- To ask questions to the members of the Community, and get answers that may increase your understanding and realizations
of the Ultimate Truth.


2- Virtual Satsangs with Gian

Gian will present a two to three hour satsang per month to the member of the community. The Satsang will be presented in English and held the 1st Saturday morning of the month, every month; it will be two to three hours long.

1- During the satsang you will be welcome to ask questions directly to Gian, pertaining your journey and realization.

2- Every Satsang will begin with a guided meditation. This will help you deepen your meditations and learn different techniques to apply later on your own.

3- After the meditation Gian will present and developp a subject pertaining Advaita. This presentation will be usually no longer than 20 minutes, and then the questions answer section of the satsang will begin. It is strongly recommended that you bring your questions written in a piece of paper or in a computer document. Your participation in the Telegram Virtual Community (read above) will also inspire you with great questions. Let us not forget that in Advaita, formulating the question properly is a great gain towards the realization of it -- in fact, it might be more than 50% of the challenge.

Note: A similar satsang will be presented by Gian once a month in Spanish. If you speak or at least understand Spanish, you are welcome to participate in this sansang too. For more information please follow this link.

Signing-Up to BOHI's Vitual Community

To sign up please:

Write to Gian directly indicating in your own words
that you want to participate in BOHI's Advaita Telegram Community. Gian's email is: