Fundraising a Home -- Headquarters and Spiritual Retreat -- for
BOHI in Sedona

-- 11,000 sq. ft. built on 5 acres lot, Cornvillle, Arizona
17 minutes from downtown Sedona --

Board Decission: After careful deliberation BOHI Board Members unanimously voted to pursue buying the property presented below in the Sedona area, and stop pursuing the previous target property in Crestone Colorado. The purpose for buying the property is to establish a home/headquarters for the Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute.


Cornville, Arizona -- 17 minutes drive to Sedona downtown. The beautiful Oak Creek river goes right through the property. The river supports abundant nature including big cottonwood trees and a variety of wild fauna; several fish species and exotic birds. About three acres of the property are on one side of the river and one acre is on the other side!

Picture #1: Oak Creek moving through the property


Picture #2: View from the famous Scenic Highway located between Valley of Oak Creek and the Sedona Downtown




Picture # 3: Property's Blue Print

The buildings total an area of 11,000 sq ft. They have all the necessary space for the retreat, the community, the classrooms for educational programs and offices for healers, counselors and coaches as well as administrative personel. This property has been calibrated kinesiologically at 420 in the Map of Copnsciousness, which is very high for a property.


Picture # 4:
The Bell

The Bell is one of the most remarkable and beautiful rock formations in Sedona area. It is considered repository of powerful energy vortexes that helps those pursuing meditation and/or healing.





Picture # 5: Aerial View of the Sector and more

In the aerial picture below, the property is located in the lower right corner. We can see the beautiful geography and nature of the sector surrounded by desert. The Oak Creek river creates a uniquely green oasis of trees and pasture that support wild animals, birds and fish. In addition to trouts (picture below) the creek is famous for its gigantic carps and big catfish.


Picture # 6:
The Court

Adjacent to the Bell, "The Court" is a beautiful and imposing rock formation located between Village of Oak Creek and Sedona Downtown.




Picture # 7: Olympic Swimming Pool

During summer time in Arizona a swimming pool can be a valuable asset. The property has abundant and pure water provided by a well which allows to fill out the swimming pool at almost no cost.


Picture # 8: The Stupa

Located in a significant energy vortex this tibetan stuppa is sought-after for meditation and healing. It is located close to Sedona downtown; a 17 minutes drive from the property.


Picture # 9: Vegetable garden and green houses.

The abundant and clean waters, coming from the well located in the property itself, which presently allow to water trees and gardens, will also provide for an organic vegetable garden and organic green houses with microgreens and vegetables.



Picture # 10: Unique Vista to The Court and Bell Together



Picture # 11: A view from One of the Many Accesses
to the Red Rocks of the Area.






The property for sale you have seen in the pictures above, fulfills our wildest expectations and a for a very reasonable price.

Despite being modestly priced it has 11,000 sq ft built, and plenty of nature. As you can see in the pictures above, a beautiful river, the Oak Creek, goes right through the property! The buildings provide all the space
necessary for:

1- The retreat. The property has a big building with eight rooms and bathrooms! It will be used almost inmediately to offer individual and guided retreats. We look forward to having you there enjoying an individual or group retreat.

2-The community. We want to create a community of Awakened people -- living in the premise itself, and participating in the life of the Institute. It is not that those who still are on the process of waking-up (from the dream of the "I") will be rejected, but we will encourage anyone applying to live in the property to go through the Awakening Protocol and make a serious effort to "get it." It is much more difficult to relate peacefully when we are still imagining that our egos is what we really are.

The property already counts with several appartments and houses. They do provide the necessary space to create this small community, dedicated to serve students and clients visiting us.

3- The Educational Program: The institute is already presenting online courses, certifications, classes, coaching programs and workshops. Now the same educational services and much more will be presented in-person, for those who want to visit us in Sedona. The property has five classrooms that need just a little bit of cosmetics. The online programs will also continue, expanding BOHI's mission through the world.

4- The Healing Program: A variety of healing modalities like Reiki, Neo Reichian Therapy, Ho' oponopono, counseling etc. will be also offered at the Institute. One of the buildings in the property has eight individual rooms. They can be easily turned into offices to see clients. Additionally, the location offers the unique and interesting possibility to bring students and clients to the vortexes, performing healing in the vortexes themselves. Some of these vortexes have been calibrated at 500. They are undoubtedely some of the most powerful energy vortexes in the world.

We urgently need to put the money together as other groups are also interested in buying the property, and we may lose it anytime. The property is priced at $595,000. We suspect we can get it for about $500,000. However, we are aiming to put together $1,000,000. This will allow us to buy the property, upgrade the cosmetics of the buildings, and jump-start the programs mentioned above.

Time is running short. If you or someone you know, want to donate money to a non-profit organization that can really make a difference, and get a tax cut at the end of this year, please contact me asap.

Gian Girardi, BOHI Founder

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The PayPal button below has been embeded in this page to facilitate payment of tax deductible donations to the Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute, with the specific purpose of buying a home/headquarters for the institute. If the above property has been sold or is not available at the time we gather the funds, we will look for a similar property, so the funds will still be destined to the same purpose. The button works with your own PayPal account as well as with any major credit or debit card. We deeply thank you for your generous help.