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Holistic Life Coaching
Sessions with Gian
(30 + years of experience)

-- Online Worldwide

Gian Girardi's Picture, BOHI Founder

Holistic Approach to Healing and Inner Transformation

A holistic approach pursues healing and inner transformation through a flexible, multi level perspective -- physical, energetic, psychological and Consciousness perspectives.

A Life Coach, usually aims at mastering one particular approach or technique and works at one or two of the levels mentioned above. It may seem to be enough, however, during the session the coach needs to deal with "Life" as a whole -- the whole “enchilada!“ Life is multidimensional, manifested as, and driven by, the four fundamental aspects of existence.

Gian's long professional journey allows him to practice the Holistic Life Coaching profession, and teach it to his students (see Certification Courses below).


Gian's fee is $180 for one hour coaching session on Skype or WhatsApp

Students or clients paying 6 sessions in advanced
pay only $150 per session.

Students or clients paying 12 sessions in advanced
pay only $120 per session.

Students or clients paying 24 sessions in advanced
pay only $100 per session.

Further discounts may be available on a one to one basis or through our MailChimp email list. If you need an extra discount please contact Gian.

If you are interested in this program please contact Gian at BrainOptimization###@&&&iCloud.com
(please eliminate all the # and & characters from the above addresses. They are there to prevent robots from capturing the emails and use them for spaming purposes.)


Would you like to become a Holistic Life Coach as well?
Please continue reading..

5 to 10 Months Certification Courses

All applicable to BOHI's final
"Master Certification in Holistic Life Coaching"

Looking for a new and more fulfilling career in life?
We can help you.

1- Learn to heal, take care and optimize the human
brain using nutrition.

Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition™ -- Flip Learning

2- Learn to use the brain effectively producing
harmonious, positive thoughts and feelings

Wellness/Life Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive Psychology -- Flip Learning

3- Find out "who" is using the brain and what for.

Wake-up to your True Nature and attain
dis-identification from the stories created by the brain, including the story of "me."

Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality -- Flip Learning

BOHI Teachings

BOHI Teachings are likely the most comprehensive holistic techings available today. They are uniquely suitable for the seeker of Truth and happiness, as well as for those with a humanisitc vocational inclination -- life coaches, wellness coaches, teachers, counselors and healers. The teachings are presented in an efficient format of three 5-Month Certification Courses. These courses address the three fundamental aspects of life -- physical, mental and spiritual. Each certification can be pursued separately. Completion of all three provides certification as a Holistic Life Coach, and includes the three basic certifications in Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition, Wellness/Life Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality. In order to reduce tuition monthly costs, students can chose to take the courses in either a
10 or a 21-month format.