Ritalin Produces Chromosomal Damage in 100% of the Cases, After Just Three Months -- Texas University Research

Although the medication known as RITALIN (a drug named methylphenanidate hydrochloride from the meth-amphetamines family) has been around since the 50s, its use as a way of treating ADHD has surged tremendously in the last few years. For instance,in the US, in 1996 alone, over 10 MILLIONS prescriptions were issued for RITALIN as a way to treat ADHD. Between 1991 and 1999 the US domestic sale of RITALIN increased by nearly 500% ! In contrast, very few parents that are considering putting their child on Ritalin, or worse being pressured into it, are aware that it is ILLEGAL to give Ritalin to a child under the age of 18 in Europe. One must wonder why the European medical establishment feels so strongly about its use with children as to make it illegal.

In 2005, the University of Texas conducted a study (El-Zein et al., 2005) aimed at investigating the potential health risks associated with such a dramatic increase in the use of RITALIN in the US population, especially among children 17 and under. Their conclusion, in layman's terms, was that even after only 100 doses, or about 3 months of treatment, every single child (100%) that concluded the study, or 12 children, experienced chromosomal abberations or damage, a condition which could increase the risk of cancer!

These results also raise the question as to the safety of all the other methamphetamine medications -- like Adderol and others -- that are commonly used for treating children with ADD and ADHD. It is quite obvious that more extensive studies are urgently needed.

An abstract of this study can be viewed for free (registration required) at: CancerLetters. The full text of the study can also be purchased from the publisher for $25. You will need to register, for free, before having access to both the abstract, or the full article. Once you have registered, login in and search for the title of the study:

Cytogenetic effects in children treated with methylphenidate

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