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How I Got My Brain Back

Edited and updated from the transcript of a video, recorded by
Gian Girardi,
founder of the Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute.

"What I am about to share with you here is possibly, the most painful experience I have had during this lifetime. I tell this personal story with
hope that it will improve the lives of individuals
suffering from brain disorders.

I was born in Santiago, Chile and grew up in a farm with pure air,
clean water and abundant food. My mother, of Spanish origin, was a bridge teacher and is to this day admired for her intelligence. My father
was Italian and was also intellectually sharp. He graduated
from high school at 16 and received a degree
in agricultural engineering.
So, partly due to good genes, but also because of growing up in a healthy
environment, I developed a fairly good brain.
When I was seventeen, in order to attend University, I took the SAT test. 
 As it was customary in Chile the results were published in the main newspaper of Santiago. I was pleasantly surprised to see that
I had obtained one of the highest scores in the country.

The SAT numbers correlate with IQ and the numbers I got were indicative of an IQ of 153. So at least at that point in time, I had a healthy brain.  
With my SAT numbers, I could choose any university and career I wanted. I decided to study engineering and signed up for the most prestigious engineering school in Chile. For many years,
I did well in my studies.
However, during my fifth year in engineering I became interested in yoga and embraced the ovo-lacto vegetarian diet. I had grown up eating
massive amounts of red meat -- after all my
father also raised cattle.
Perhaps I rushed into these changes too quickly and just a year into my new diet I began to notice a significant decrease in my concentration. 
When taking tests at school I developed a tendency
to make one mistake after another.

My grades descended and I even failed a course that my friends passed without problem. I finally graduated, but my last two years were a struggle. My lack of concentration gradually got worse.

To make matters worse, my lifestyle became significantly ungrounded.
I was meditating three hours a day, but my life was not improving.
At the age of 28, I experienced a brief breakthrough in my meditations. For about four months. I was in joy all day long for no reason at all.
It was an interesting experience in unconditional joy.  However,
it was also a prelude to the worst years of my life. 
One day, without warning, I had a panic attack. The joy was gone and it was replaced by a state of constant anxiety that lasted for many, many years. 
In fact, years later, when I took the Burns Anxiety Inventory, I scored more than 50 points, which indicates “extreme anxiety.” I was experiencing the most uncomfortable anxiety symptoms, day and night. 

At thirty, I married, and my wife and I decided to try for a better life in the United States. I always had great appreciation for this country
so, that same day, immediately after the marriage
ceremony, we flew to LA. 
Upon my arrival in LA, my anxiety continued and worsened. One of the most painful symptoms was exhaustion. As an immigrant, during the first
years I had to do intense physical work. Survival became
a very painful challenge. 
I tried introspection, affirmations, more meditation, breathing techniques every five minutes, psychotherapy, but nothing was really helping -- I was just barely coping. When I was 35, I injured myself on a job,
demolishing walls in a house. At the chiropractor’s office,
I found a brochure titled: “Hypoglycemia Can Create Anxiety.” 
I found a book on hypoglycemia at the bookstore that described most of my symptoms, persuading me to try the diet recommended in the book. I didn't even have to abandon my vegetarian diet.
In three days I felt a new person! I was really surprised at the power of a simple nutritional intervention. The condition was far from over,
but there was a significant improvement.
Now that I had more energy, I signed up for a Masters Degree in psychology and in a few years I obtained the MFT license from the State of
California, to practice psychotherapy. 
With the new diet, doing something I really enjoyed and feeling helpful to others, gradually, most of my anxiety symptoms were gone, but,
my attention deficit was virtually intact. 
Years later, I took the TOVA test and scored positive. The Tova test is the most reliable and objective test to diagnose ADD. I took it again and I scored positive again. There was no doubt that I had a full blown ADD. ADD is supposed to be a disorder starting at childhood. However, as I
learned through this experience, nutritional mistakes
can result in a full blown ADD, at any age. 
About eleven years ago a friend of mine -- Larry Richardson, an
Acupuncturist -- introduced me to the concept of brain nutrition. 
I began using supplements and in a month took
the TOVA test again. 

This time my scores in attention and impulse control were not only norma
l but ABOVE normal. The ADD had completely vanished. 
I continue taking my brain supplements every day, at maintenance levels.
I include fish in my diet and occasionally some poultry or red meat. 
I work more than 65 hours a week. The brain I was originally blessed
with has completely returned.
In fact, I would dare to say that -- despite the fact that IQ is supposed to decrease as we age – today, thanks to a sensible diet, the brain supplements and continual intellectual stimulation, I feel that in many ways my brain is sharper than when I was young. 

 In my own healing journey I opted for nutrition over medication -- I can’t tell how happy I am in this decision! Despite a high IQ I have done stupid things like everyone, however, the decision to avoid the pharmaceuticals and use brain nutrition was a very, very intelligent decision. 
Thanks to that decision, today I have my brain back."





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