Prapare Your Own NON-Hydrogenated
Vegetable Butter at Home

©Brain Optimization Holistic Institute, 2007

Hydrogenated vegetable oils -- trans-fats or margarines -- may have been responsible for more premature deaths than world war I and world war II together.

In search for the holy grail of a good tasting VEGETABLE butter that does not damage, and even helps the cardiovascular system, in 2007 the Brain Optimization Holistic Institute in Los Angeles, California found a uniquely, healthy and simple solution. A way to create, at home, a delicious vegan, raw, organic butter that helps to protect the cardiovascular system as well the brain.

You can easily buy today all the ingredients completely organic, vegan, and even raw.
Expect delicious results!

Mix 50% raw organic coconut oil (warm it first, if necessary to liquify it) and 50% extra virgin, organic, cold pressed olive oil. Put it in the fridge and in due time it will turn into a delicious healthy vegan butter with a soft consistence that you can easily spread over bread, crackers or anything else -- guaranteed.

While still soft, but not liquid already, try adding a pinch of turmeric to improve color, a little bit of sun dried sea salt, a tiny bit of smashed garlic, and oregano. Mix and put back in the fridge to solidify further. Enjoy a delicious Italian butter!

To produce “Indian Butter;” while still soft, add salt and a pinch of curry powder. Put it back in the fridge. You will be reminded of India.

If you want to make the butter softer, slightly increase the percentage of olive oil. If you want to make it harder, increase the amount of coconut oil.

Note: Coconut oil is very stable and does not get rancid easily. It is also very resistant to heat. It is by far the best oil to cook. Stay healthy - avoid using any other oils for cooking. Olive oil should not be used for cooking.




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