Successful Healing of
Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
Hypersensitivity to Sugars (Hypoglycemia), Brain Imbalances (Neurotransmitter Deficiencies) and "Pill Phobia."

Steve's Case

My story is long, but it is all true, and it is my authentic voice.
The Brain Nutrition Program I got at Brain Optimization Institute allows me today to eat sugar without ill effect -- doesn’t seem like a great thing, but please keep reading.

Before, after eating sugar I would be restless all night, and feel drained of energy for many hours. Later, I would overeat, trying to get more energy. Not now. I don't have to be so careful.  For many years I have tried all kinds of supplements, diets and regimens. The best thing is that I no longer have uncontrollable food cravings. When I used to feel those cravings, I would eat, no matter how much, or when. Those cravings simply are not there anymore. Self control has nothing to do with it.  I feel content most of the time, without a compulsion to eat additively. When real hunger does come, it comes gently, not as an urgent, grinding need.  I now realize that for many years, my brain has been malnourished, but I did not know it. The program is so easy to apply and affordable too. It is hard to fathom how it could do so much.

Although Gian Paolo is a close friend and I understood the logic of taking targeted brain supplements, I resisted for several years. I felt that my body should be able to make everything it needs. I felt that mineral supplementation, along with a good diet - lots of raw food - is all I needed. He patiently kept reminding me that, in his opinion, my brain was not functioning optimally, and I needed to take supplements for the brain regularly. Although I knew my brain was not working so well, I have always felt it was better to be independent and self-reliant, instead of dependent on anything -- even supplements.  Why should I be dependent on pills everyday to feel good, even if they are natural?  That was how I felt. Plus I have studied alternative healing for many years, and I felt I knew all that was necessary.

I paid a heavy price for my stubbornness. Over a year ago I started to get symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  It was certainly related to emotional causes, the breakup of a marriage, and other troubles. That meant poor assimilation, low energy, trouble sleeping and even more diminished ability to focus and take charge of my life. Back then, I did start taking some supplements for the brain that Gian Paolo recommended, and my IBS went away. I said to myself:  "Well, it was probably a coincidence. My body is coming back to normal, and so now I can stop taking these pills. My body can make everything it needs all by itself, I don't need more pills. I can get everything I need from my green drinks and raw food."

Well, that was true - for a month or so. Then my IBS came back. Believe me, you cannot take green drinks, or most kinds of raw food, if you have IBS.  I tried all kinds of recipes for green drinks, but nothing helped to stabilize me.  For many months I suffered - until I started to lose weight (I was already skinny) no matter how much, or what, I ate. I had to rest in bed, never fully sleeping, for at least 12 hours a day just to function. My friends were worried, and I was getting desperate. After all, I had an aunt who died of colon cancer, and her brother (my uncle) suffered from colitis for 30 years, finally dying a slow wasting death. My father already has had surgery for colon cancer. Maybe it was genetic, for me to have IBS? I was worried.  Already I has seen an MD and all he told me was to restrict my diet, by eliminating dairy and wheat. I was already doing that.  He wanted me to take an anti-depressant. I told him I would never do such a thing. He told me that he could not help me, in that case.

So I began intensively researching IBS on the Internet, and I tried many things. My diet became extremely restricted.  Finally, one web site made a reference to a study that indicated that IBS is related to neurotransmitter deficit -- how strange! Well, Gian Paolo had already told me that, over a year ago. But you know how it is, when a friend tells you something, you sometimes disregard it. After all, I thought, he is not a doctor, he does not have a PhD in chemistry. Plus, I had just had an extensive evaluation by a natureopath and he told me that my issue was metabolic, not neurological, and brain pills would not help me.  I was following his program, but it did not help. Except the B-12 shots that help somewhat.

So I thought, maybe I should go back to taking the brain pills? So, I did, but I did not expect any results, because my symptoms by that time were so bad, I felt it was hopeless. I was actually becoming resigned to a suffering life of diminished capacity. Plus, I thought that I absolutely knew that the cause of my IBS was emotional, and probably genetic, not because of lack of brain nutrition!  I had been praying hard, asking God to help me, with no success. If God could not help me, how could pills?

Yet, within one week, all symptoms were gone - 100% gone! You can't imagine how grateful I was. I now know that God was trying to help me, and He was just waiting for me to wake up and do something sensible.  The only reason God did not "help" me earlier, is that He had already given me the answer, through Gian Paolo, but I was not listening.

I have now come to terms with the fact that, yes, I do need to continue taking the handful of pills, for at least two meals every day. Perhaps it is because of my age (60) or that I live in LA smog or my genetic makeup that my body cannot be totally independent of nutritional supplements in a pill form, but I have to accept that. I want to function and be happy, live a good spiritual life, and not be feeling sick all the time, and doing nothing positive with my life. Taking a handful of pills twice a day is a very small price to pay! I  just consider them as good food, as Gian Paolo says, that my body really needs. They are not drugs.

I now also realize that while green drinks eventually help restore normal levels of necessary stomach acid,  it is also true (at least in my case) that strong stomach acid is needed from the beginning to really benefit from green drinks. It is why I was not getting the brain nutrition I needed from Green drinks. Through my research, I learned that greens, and magnesium in particular (all greens are rich in magnesium since magnesium is the center molecule of chlorophyll) will strongly buffer acids in the body - you become more alkaline. Usually that is a good thing. But if you are really sick, and have IBS it means the green drinks will go right through you, undigested.  Even the stomach acid is buffered - and that acid is essential to initiate the process of protein digestion, no matter how well the Vita-Mix has blended the greens. Gian Paolo had even warned me about that - telling me that it was a good idea to take Betain HCL pills (available at any health food store) with the green drinks. Did I listen? No. Well, now I am doing that too, and I have no trouble with green drinks.


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