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Anywhere in the world.


Viviana Girardi in Chile at Her Family Farm
Brain Optimization Holistic Institute, Co-Founder
Reiki Master Level III and Certified Yoga Teacher,
Fluent in English and Spanish

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After residing in the California for thirty years, Viviana is currently
living between Chile and Denison Texas.


s Distance Energy Healing

Macarena Arancibia...

Macarena, Viviana's client and student

(Translated from Macarena's Spanish Testimonial below) "I asked Viviana's
help through Reiki because I know that the energy of the Universe is the
most powerful healer. We connected at a precise time during the day and
followed her instructions. I lighted an incense and a canddle and put music...
It was so enriching! I entered into a relaxation with a feeling of complete disconnection from the chatting mind, where
there was only me and the Healing Energy of the Universe.

I thank Viviana for being in my life and for helping me heal in the most
beautiful and spiritual way psosible".

Macarena, Santiago Chile


Leah Diaz...

"In seeking an energy modality for clearing and/or healing, I began
my journey into Reiki (at a distance) with clear intentions to experience
more spontaneity, and to release any emotional identification with a
particular childhood trauma.

After only six 30 minute sessions there was a clear awareness of being more spontaneous, and less fear of the unknown or need to control
and protect myself. Viviana is a gifted reiki practitioner... and a beautifully encouraging soul."

Leah Diaz, Clarity Counselor
M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica CA


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Viviana's Healing Center in Chile

Viviana Doing Energy Healing In Person at her Home in Glendale California

As the body and mind relax deeply
and heals, you may realize Adyashanti's beautiful words:

"There is something about you
brighter than the sun and more mysterious than the night sky."

Viviana Massage Therapist Glendale

To contact Viviana or to make an appointment, please write to VivianaGirardi***@&&&
Please remove the *** and &&& characters. They are only to prevent robots from capturing her email.
Or, contact her on WhatsApp at
Viviana is fluent in English
and Spanish.


Snoopy -- Viviana's Dog Pet in Chile

Viviana doing massage at her home in Glendale


Yoga Room in Chile

Pond at Viviana's Healing Canter in Chile .png

Pond at Viviana's Healing
Center in Chile


Wild Ducks

Guess What He is Planning

Guess what he is planning...

Snoopy_Right_After_Chasing_Some_Innocent_Wild_Ducks_and_Before_a Full_Bath

After chasing some innocent
wild ducks, and right before
a full bath!

Snoopy is a hunter

Wishful Thinking


Viviana's Healing Room At Denison

How It Works

At the day and hour previously agreed, you call Viviana through Skype or WhatsApp and discuss with her for a few minutes your intention for the
session. Once the intention has been agreed, you lay down and relax --
no effort of any kind is required on your part. Viviana will do the session
for 30 minutes and at the end will send you an email with her impressions
and intuitions experienced during the session. She wants you to reply to
the email and do the same; share with her your own experience during the session. Then you and her will schedule the next session via email.

Denison Yoga Room


Prices: Distance Energy Healing

u$100 per inidividual session.
u$80 per session when you contract three sessions.
u$70 per session when you contract six sessions.
u$60 per session when you contract twelve sessions.
Advance payment required.

Discounts on the above prices may apply when you are participating

in our mailing list


Denison Yoga Room


Sol -- At Denison

Toto -- Her Cat Pet in Chile

At Her Family Farm in Chile

With Luna At Glendale California

Viviana in Austria Visiting
Her Family Roots

Viviana Home in Chile

Viviana Vegetable Garden in Chile


Viviana's Vegetable Garden in Chile

To contact Viviana or to make an appointment, please write to VivianaGirardi***@&&&
Please remove the *** and &&& characters. They are only to prevent
robots from capturing her email.
Or, contact her on WhatsApp at +56-9-4238-8548
Viviana is fluent in English and Spanish.


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Viviana Girardi, BA Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute, Co-Founder, Reiki Master Level III and Certified Yoga Teacher, Additional Stress Reduction Programs offered by Viviana: 1- Yoga In Nueva Braunau Beginners/Level 1 --- 2- Retreats in Paradise --- 3- Restorative Yoga Classes --- 4- Raw Food and Vegetarian Cooking Classes

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