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The Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute is for those who love uncompromised freedom.  If you love the freedom of having your own private practice, and practicing your true soul vocation, this school is for you.

If you are looking for a degree to obtain a nine to five job, to quench your fears about survival, honestly this school may not be for you. However, I hope you will continue reading, and perhaps the personal story I'm sharing here, will help you to change your mind; before is too late!



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How I ended up living an inauthentic life for a period
of twelve years, and how you can learn
from my mistake

By Gian Girardi, MS, MA, BOHI founder

When it comes to selecting a school, the immature student unwittingly chooses credibility over content. This often leads to a painful inauthentic life.

This was exactly the mistake I made when I was 17 years old. My SAT numbers allowed me to choose any profession, and to pursue it in whatever university I wanted. Therefore, I chose to study engineering -- the most prestigious career in my country of origin -- and in the most prestigious University I could find.

However, although the school was highly regarded, there was also significant abuse and disrespect for the student. Let's look at some of the issues:

1- Far too many, irrelevant courses that we never used later as engineers.
2- Enduring numerous stressful tests every week -- thousands throughout the seven year program.
3- Going for months without having even one day free.
4- Sleep deprivation.
5- Enduring many teachers that were good scientists or engineers, but poor communicators. They couldn't really convey what they knew. Furthermore they lacked the necessary empathy to teach.

Years later, in my early thirties, I signed up for a masters program at the most prestigious University in LA. Here the situation was even worse!

1- I had to sit on my brief case, because the class was full.
2- The material presented was completely theoretical, irrelevant and boring.
3- Homework was excessive and irrelevant.
4- I was exploring the possibility of completing a masters in the Spanish language. The classes were in English!

Fortunately, this time around, I had the good common sense to leave for good after a few classes.

At thirty seven -- already a more mature individual -- I looked for a University that offered quality content instead of glamorous prestige. I completed my Masters in Psychology in a private university that was not that well known, but delivered good and meaningful content. It was the best experience I ever had as a student, and this time, this decision, lead me into the opposite direction --
a creative, authentic life. 

Unfortunately, although the school was committed to content, that program was controlled by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. This forced all of us to study quite a few boring, useless subjects anyway.

At the Brain Optimization™Holistic Institute we are doing the best we can to increase credibility too; however, above all, we are committed to deliver quality content and protect our freedom from the tradition-laden mainstream, with its inherent limitations and over-regulations. Quality content is what determines the value of a program; it is also what sparks the student's passion for their chosen career.

Accreditations and licensing are "supposed" to help the student in their future efforts to market their skills; but there are powerful strings attached also for the student. Accreditations and licensing systems are a part of the victim mentality, that reinforces dependence on external authority.  Those who become part of those systems, most likely will become victims of the system...
sooner than later.

For example:

Nowadays, the curriculum programs for all the masters in psychology, accredited by the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) are significantly
controlled by this board.

These curriculums are designed to carefully program the student's mind to fear the many serious repercussions of violating any of the countless big and small, regulations of the board. To further secure blind obedience, professional boards are to a great extent above the law. If a judge mandates them to do something they have the choice to obey or disregard the judge's demand. Only a judge from Superior Courts has the authority to make them comply.

These boards pursue obedience to their regulations through programmed fear, heavy handedness and presumption of guiltiness. As a result, even if the professional is never cited, he or she will have to pay expensive insurances, just to quiet the many fears that the system instilled in his/her heart. Living with fear is an option for most people, but not for those who want to attain
the freedom of Spiritual Awakening.

Additionally, after getting his/her license the licensee must continue studying, often boring mandated courses, in order to keep their license active. Some of these courses are no more than further indoctrination, often presented by lawyers, into the absolute necessity of obeying the board's regulations in every detail.

Interestingly, professional boards are pockets of totalitarianism still thriving in our democrac!  If a licensee is under investigation he/she is assumed guilty from start, and has to prove his or her innocence - this is the mark of a legal system in a totalitarian government, and of course it should be absent in democracies.

At the Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute, because of our commitment to content and freedom, we do not pursue accreditations from state boards. This institutions would feel entitled to control our programs and our freedom of expression.

Accreditations from private organizations, that feel entitled to charge for their blessings, are not worth pursuing either. They often have no experience in education or how to run a school. Of course the cost of the accreditation will be transferred to the student, and the student will not get any additional
value for their money.

When we enroll in a higher education program, it is quite natural to have doubts, so we offer our students the option of trying our Certification Courses completely free of charge for up to one month. So when they finally commit to the program they know in their bones that they have come to the right place.

We stand on our own feet as a school, committed to deliver the best content, without manipulation from external institutions, and we guarantee that we are not a diploma mill. Although we do not inforce formal testing to evaluate knowledge acquired, we are very serious about class and coaching sessions attendance and about homework whenever applies.

We support our student's effort to make a living with their chosen career in a very different way -- a way that encourages freedom from the traps and regulations of the mainstream. How to Create a Private Practice,

The options are many: creating a private practice in nutritional counseling, psychology counseling, spiritual psychology or holistic counseling; becoming a life coach, or, writing an online newsletter, selling supplements and books, offering workshops or seminars, creating a website, writing books, producing audio or video classes, creating a non-profit organization, fighting for a
worthwhile cause, and so on.

How BOHI Is Pursuing Credibility

Our credibility as a school benefits our student, so we are interested in pursuing it -- but not at the expense of content or freedom.  To this goal we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars during the last seven years,
and we will continue doing so.

Credibility is closely connected to visibility in the market, so we have advertised for nine years in three different magazines distributed throughout Southern California and in numerous well respected email newsletters. Our adds have always been half a page or whole page adds. We have also advertised now and then in a magazine with country wide distribution. We are constantly improving our web-site and optimizing it for the search engines.

Our online marketing is becoming more and more effective strenghtening our branding not only in the US but also abroad. We presently have students from distant lands like South Africa, Europe and South America, and Asian students keep enrolling in our mailing list. Our marketing efforts strenghten our branding and therefore also help our graduate students.

Online School vs. Traditional in Person School

Nowadays, many traditional schools with mostly in-person classes, offer an online program on the side. Our school is the opposite: we are mainly an online school which offers, to those living in Los Angeles, the option of participating in in-person classes or programs.

We believe that in the near future our type of school will be the norm and the traditional, big and often cold classrooms will likely disappear. When it comes to education, online education is the future. Why?

An online school can function with a significantly lower overhead. A traditional school has to own a big property which requires paying real estate taxes, expensive maintenance, and likely a high monthly rent or payment to a bank.

These savings we pass them to our student. Is this a cliché? Let us see:

BOHI highly regarded 10-Month Certification in Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality, provides unique benefits and training, including attaining Awakening to our true Self and learning how to trigger the the Awakening state in others -- is unparalelled and unique in the whole world; and it costs $$250 per month for ten months.

You may believe that you will learn more in a traditional school and you are right -- a lot of unnecessary information; and you will pay for it. Then you will have to memorize the information and obtain passing grades by complying with stressful testing. Finally, because the information was irrelevant, you will forget it anyway.

Our focus is not knowledge for the sake of knowledge to occupy memory space in the brain, it is transformation of the student's life.

Seeking a School with External Accreditations? Consider this...

(from our graduated student Nathan Ellis who has created a successful counseling practice in New York in just one year)

"As far as accreditation is concerned, I do believe that a good teacher is far more important than an accreditation. And, I would like to share the following:

Sidharta was not accredited.
Aristotle was not accredited.
Socrates was not accredited.
Plato was accredited by his own school."
                                                   Nathan Ellis, Psychotherapist

                          Gian Girardi, MS, MA, BOI founder

Sunset in Glendale, California


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The Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute offers classes, information and courses with certifications on drug free solutions to ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, substance abuse and other forms of brain / mental suffering and disorders. Certifications include Brain Optimization™ with Emphasis in Nutrition, Life/Wellness Coaching with Emphasis in Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of Consciousness with Emphasis in Non-Duality. The Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute also offers a Certification in Holistic Life Coaching for those who complete the three certifications mentioned above.

Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute's broadcasting and recording studio for online classes and coaching sessions is presently located in Glendale, Los Angeles County, California. Students from adjacent cities and locations like Pasadena, Studio City, San Fernando Valley, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, Irvine and Orange County can take the Coaching Sessions in person, on Skype or on the phone. Students living in cities and locations further away in the States or abroad like San Francisco, San Diego, New York, North and South Carolina, Miami, London England, Paris France, Rome and Milan Italy, Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Santiago Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ecuador, Quito, Montreal, Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, New Zealand, Hawaií, Kauai, Maui, Kenya, Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta in India, Hong Kong and Shanghai in China, Taipei in Taiwan, can take the one-on-one coaching sessions on Skype or phone.

All classes are presently presented by the
Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute's founder Gian Girardi, MS, MA.










Brain Optimization Institute - The drug free solution to ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, substance abuse & more! Brain Optimization Institute - The drug freBrain Optimization Institute - The drug free solution to ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, substance abuse & more! Brain Optimization Institute - The drug free solution to ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, substance abuse & more!